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Individual Coaching

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This program is meant for people who may be facing challenges in their current relationships or have personal doubts, insecurities, and important life decisions to make.


Its goal is to assist you in becoming more decisive, finding clarity in your current relationship, and understanding your past choices and behaviors to lead a more balanced, less stressful life - through the lens of the Enneagram.



- Two mos. (8 sessions)

- Weekly hourly sessions on Zoom

- Enneagram Type analysis

(assessment if you don't know it)

- Downloadable PDF specific to You

- Access to me by email and for 1 week following to answer any questions.

Total investment is $880

No life topic is off-limits. This is YOUR time.


Book your Call with me below to get started.

Peaceful Reading
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Why Natalia?

For most of her life, Natalia didn't have the benefit of knowing about the Enneagram. She experienced stress and uncertainty when making decisions, had doubts about her relationships, and struggled to understand herself well enough to determine whether to continue or end a relationship.

Natalia understands the challenge of trying to balance a successful career with a fulfilling home life. In her coaching, she offers a non-judgmental space where you can truly be yourself, ask difficult questions, and develop the self-trust needed to navigate any situation life throws your way.

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