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Couples Coaching

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What makes a relationship thrive is its foundation - built on understanding and communication. 

Sometimes, mending a cracked foundation and the emotions surrounding it, can make you feel discouraged and overwhelmed. 

I'm here to show you how simple it can be to get everything back on track.

To help you understand each other deeper - where you both feel heard and understood. 

No more judgment, blaming, shame, or guilt.

And if you're here because you feel uncertain, unsure if this relationship is meant to be, I'm here to work through that too.

A brighter, better, stronger relationship's available for you right now.


We work together for 4 months,
both individually and together.
Month 1
  • We'll dive deep into your Enneagram Type

  • You'll learn/understand what drives you to react/communicate the way you do

  • You'll learn/understand your defense mechanism and signs to look out for w

Month 2
  • You'll understand/learn how you relate to your partner (ex. frustrated/annoyed/guarded)

  • You'll understand/learn how you cope with stressful/negative moments and what to do

  • You'll understand/learn how you handle conflict

Month 3

  • You'll learn practical tools & skills to reduce conflict.

  • You'll learn how to be heard and understood

  • You'll notice the common relationship issues/ themes and how to prevent them in the future.

Month 4

  • Resolve any pending issues and misunderstandings about yourself, your partner, or the relationship as a whole.

  • Plan out what you'll do/how you'll react in the future to guarantee a thriving relationship.

Work with Me

16 sessions (4 mos) of private couples coaching

Weekly 1 hr sessions on Zoom

Access to me by email in between sessions

Investment is $2,000 USD

($125 per session)

10% off if paid in full or

monthly payments accepted.

Love Locks
My biggest takeaway from coaching is having emotional intelligence,  the ability to communicate better, and better self awareness. I feel better as a human and husband/father. Coaching with Natalia is a judgement free sounding board of enlightenment…

-- Justin

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Why Natalia?

For most of her life, Natalia didn't have the benefit of knowing about the Enneagram. She experienced stress and uncertainty when making decisions, had doubts about her relationships, and struggled to understand herself well enough to determine whether to continue or end a relationship.

Natalia understands the challenge of trying to balance a successful career with a fulfilling home life. In her coaching, she offers a non-judgmental space where you can truly be yourself, ask difficult questions, and develop the self-trust needed to navigate any situation life throws your way.

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