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3-Day Better Together Coaching

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This program is an Enneagram crash course into strengthening your communication, resolving your current issues, and helping you build a solid foundation of trust and understanding. 

You already know how great the Enneagram is, now it's time to use it to make your relationship stronger and so much happier.

Working with me inside the 3-Day Better Together program, You learn to work with each other's differences - not against them. Become better together in 3 short days.


Three 1-hour coaching sessions 
(1hr per day, for 3 days) 

➡ Enneagram deep dive into your Types. 
➡ Coaching on current/past relationship issues through the lens of the Enneagram
➡ Recorded sessions to playback
➡ E-Guide to refer back to once we
're done

Total investment is $510


Time to be better together. 

Couple Hugging in Nature
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Why Natalia?

For most of her life, Natalia didn't have the benefit of knowing about the Enneagram. She experienced stress and uncertainty when making decisions, had doubts about her relationships, and struggled to understand herself well enough to determine whether to continue or end a relationship.

Natalia understands the challenge of trying to balance a successful career with a fulfilling home life. In her coaching, she offers a non-judgmental space where you can truly be yourself, ask difficult questions, and develop the self-trust needed to navigate any situation life throws your way.

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