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I'm Natalia, a Certified Enneagram and Relationship Coach, helping individual and couples heal, mend, or sometimes make that tough yet powerful decision to leave. 

I also enjoy discussing the Enneagram and relationships. You can catch me on my podcast, 'Enneagram in Love,' every Wednesday on iTunes.

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My Story

I discovered the Enneagram to understand why I left relationships too quickly or stayed too long. It helped me improve my marriage when I understood myself, and it made my marriage great when I understood my husband!

I dove headfirst and it quickly became my obsession. I immediately had more compassion for people...knowing there's a real reason behind someone's behavior, communication style, capability of emotional expression or even their confidence.

I became a Certified Coach and now help people just like you live happier lives.

I live in Miami, Fl with my husband, two Boston Terriers, a  17 y/o cat, and energetic 4 year old. When I'm not focusing on the Enneagram, I'm a newbie DIYer and lover of the outdoors!


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"The Enneagram is like a mirror that reflects the patterns and habits of our personality, helping us to see ourselves more clearly."

Sandra Maitri

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Be sure to check out my podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

Each week I help you better manage your relationship with tips, stories, interviews, and practical skills through the lens of the Enneagram.


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