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Live Better Together
4 Month Tailored All-Inclusive Coaching Program

Happy Couple
Kissing the Bride


My biggest takeaway from coaching is having emotional intelligence,  the ability to communicate better, and better self awareness. I feel better as a human and husband/father. Coaching with Natalia is a judgement free sounding board of enlightenment…

- J

All I ever did was replay my entire marriage in my head, like I used to replay childhood scenarios, always trying to figure out what went wrong, what I did wrong, etc. You made me see that I made this choice and to really look at the "why". You helped me see that I had it within myself to change the way I was feeling by just changing my thought process. But the real game changer for me was the Enneagram! It's been an eye-opening experience for me to finally understand who I am and how my type has affected all my decisions, experiences, etc.

- A

My biggest takeaway from this journey is that I had to really immerse myself into what I was really feeling & allow you to guide me into trusting myself. I feel with your tools & analysis I have more clarity into what is deep down in myself.  Having tried therapy many years, Coaching was much more suitable for my wants &  needs.

- N

The right coach can really change your life. I have had previous experiences with therapy. I did not see the same results even after months of therapy that I saw after only four sessions with you. I came to you at a time when I was doubting myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, and emotions and I got a lot of much needed support and validation.


Couples Coaching 

What makes a relationship thrive is its foundation - built on understanding and communication. 

Sometimes, mending a cracked foundation and the emotions surrounding it, can make you feel discouraged and overwhelmed. 

I'm here to show you how simple it can be to get everything back on track.

To help you understand each other deeper - where you both feel heard and understood. 

No more judgment, blaming, shame, or guilt.

You get to express yourself and have your needs/wants met.

A brighter, better, stronger relationship's available for you right now - all through the lens of the Enneagram.

One person alone can change an entire relationship. Two? GOLD.

The Experience


We work together for 4 months, both individually and together. The first part of our work is to kick off the process of healing and repairing old issues, current frustrations, and patch up cracks in the foundation.


This is done through mindset coaching using state-of-the-art tools to show you how you've accidentally created the way you love and communicate and shift that into the way you really want to be for lasting change. 


You'll be living better together in 4 months or less, as you work towards total relationship mastery. 


It'll reboot and reinvigorate the love you have for each other, so the arguments and bickering stop.

It's everything you never thought you needed. 

The Details

 *4 months of weekly 1-hr sessions (or 16 sessions) on Zoom
 *Enneagram Typing session + real-life integration 
 *Access to me by email in between sessions 
No matter what your brain might offer up, your marriage has limitless potential to be extraordinary. Elevated to a place you didn't think possible.
It only takes one powerful insight (or coaching session) to help shift the entire foundation of your marriage; to make it stronger, better, and freshly mended. 
In 4 months, your marriage is capable of doing a complete 180 - rebooting the JOY that creates magic in your life.
New Love. Fresh Perspective. Same Couple.
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