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Hi there, welcome.
I'm Natalia, a Certified Enneagram + Relationship Coach. 

On the Enneagram, I'm a SO 7w6 and live in Miami, Fl with my husband, young son, 2 Boston Terriers and cat. I love horses, sushi, and people.  
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I get it...

Remember when you’d look forward to the weekend because you knew it meant spending every moment with them? 
Remember the excitement you’d feel getting dressed up because you knew you were going to have the best night?
The butterflies. The anticipation. 
The conversations that would go on forever or the peace of just sitting beside them, not needing to say anything at all. 
Seem like a distant memory? Now it’s more like…
Time’s passed…too much work…weekend chores…kid activities. 
There’s less time and energy. There’s less conversation and alone.

What you both have is one of a kind. Your partner offers things unique to you that nobody else can - Even when it’s hard. 

And for this alone, it’s worth taking one more step forward.

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Coaching Vision + Goals

You can have the love and life you keep thinking about...

- It doesn't take time.

- It doesn't matter what you've been through.

- It doesn't matter how old you are.

No matter your situation or status, you're just a few months away from bridging the gap between where you are and where you'd prefer to be. 

Coaching with me turns the less than desirable marriage upside down – in the best, most eye-opening way possible.


It was great not too long ago. It’s time to seal up the cracks that are bringing down the foundation of your marriage.
Get back on solid ground.

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