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Whether you seek healing, reconciliation, or are contemplating the future of your relationship, here are 3 ways Enneagram coaching can make life smoother (and less frustrating).


The Enneagram provides a clear roadmap to deeply understand each other. It helps uncover your unique personality differences and similarities, motivations for how you behave towards each other, and fears/worries/doubt, enabling you to empathize and connect on a profound level.


The Enneagram helps couples communicate better by showing them how they each like to talk and what upsets them, communication and coping styles. It teaches empathy and helps partners learn how to express themselves in a way that makes sense to their partner, leading to happier and more productive conversations.


The Enneagram helps couples in resolving conflicts by highlighting their individual conflict styles and triggers. It promotes understanding, enabling partners to navigate disagreements more effectively. It empowers them to find common ground and communicate in ways that lead to peaceful resolutions and stronger relationships.

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Would you like to better understand how to heal and mend your Relationship?

Download the free Practical Guide to the Enneagram and learn to focus on the top 4 aspects of your personalities to create immediate change.

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